Welcome to COMPARE, version 3.0!
What is COMPARE ?

COMPARE is a resource system that integrates diverse data from widely studied animal models: zebrafish, drosophila, mouse, chick and from human. Other species (Caenorhabditis elegans, Ciona intestinalis) will be added shortly. By providing access within a single integrated system to the most relevant information for each species, we believe that COMPARE represents a unique tool that will not only greatly facilitates interspecies comparisons, but also will provide novel information generated through orthology predictions. [more]

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New from April, 2010

- OMIM, a database of human genes and genetic disorders, now available.
- Chick, Ciona and C.elegans genome available.
- New coexpressed gene tool.
- Compare is optimized for all browsers.
- Navigation is more user-friendly.
- New Tutorial for Batch Query tool.
- Improvement of the in situ staining simple search tool.
- New page storing tool that allows the storing of results.
- New refine tool that can be utilized for a set of selected genes.
- Modification of the batch & download tool.

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