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MYORES is an European Network of Excellence of the 6th PCRD.
This network is dedicated to study normal and pathological muscle development, function and repair. The network is composed by 37 research groups spread all over Europe and is coordinated by K. Jagla (Clermont-Ferrand, France) and C. Marcelle (Marseille, France).
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- The French association against Myopathies (AFM).

The French Association against Myopathies (AFM) has been created in 1958 by a few patients affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and their relatives. Its goals are clear:
- to cure the muscular dystrophies
- and to compensate the disabilities that they create.
To do so, the association organizes, each first week-end of december since 1987, the Telethon, a 30 hour long TV show and hundreds of manifestations everywhere in France, to collect donations. In 2008, the Telethon collected 104 millions euros.
Thanks to these funds, the AFM created different research laboratories like:
Genethon, which generated the first Human Genome maps in 1994 and since developed innovative gene therapy strategies.
The Institute of Myology, which groups both fundamental research laboratories and diagnosis consultation at the Pitié Salpétrière Hospital in Paris.
I-Stem, which is dedicated to the development of new therapeutical strategies based on stem cells.
AFM also funds every year more than 400 research projects in France and internationally.
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COMPARE and its components :
COMPARE is a modular system comprising three applications organized around a gene-centered database (COMPARE-DB) built on a PostgreSQL database management system.
The first application is a Public-web interface, the COMPARE-WebSite, developed in PHP, Javascript, and PERL-CGI. Through an original system that allows flexible combination diverse biological features, users are able to gradually refine their queries.
A COMPARE-Manager has been developed as a restricted access website (using PHP, Perl and BioPerl) that allows a manager to add and update information from public data sources through API (Application Programming Interface), Database connection, web services and flatfiles. The architecture on which COMPARE is built allows easy addition of new data sources, or new animal models through the Manager.
Finally experts can evaluate and amend experimental data via a COMPARE-Curator.
Elements of the COMPARE system. COMPARE architecture